Dear customer,

the Covid-19 is now present in almost every country in the world.

Many companies are going on short-time work, other small businesses are closing down completely.

We at miatrendy run a pure eCommerce shop, which means that we are online 24 hours a day and sales continue as usual.

However, it can affect the shipping time.

The regular average shipping time within US and EU countries, including Switzerland and United Kingdom/Ireland is between 7 and 14 business days. Sometimes it's faster, sometimes it takes a little longer.

However, due to sold out sales, certain items can sometimes take up to 3 weeks.

Because of the Covid-19 many people worldwide are in the home office, many are not allowed to go to work, others cannot even leave home at all.

As a result, the number of internet purchases has increased incredibly, we get about twenty-fold more sales than usual, so that many of our products are currently no longer available in our warehouse.

The items are ordered, but many of our manufacturers are spread all over the globe.

We work with manufacturers from all over the world like USA, Lituan, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, China, Germany, Spain etc. so that we can keep the costs low and offer you the best prices possible.

Depending on where the items come from, the shipping times vary.

Therefore we ask for your understanding if your order takes a little longer than usual at the moment.

We hope our customers enjoy their items and are happy with their purchases.

Everyone please stay healthy.


Your Miatrendy Team